By now we know Hemp Wraps as pressed sheets of Hemp material with no nicotine or tobacco added , but is it actually healthier ?


The quick and precise answer is yes Hemp wraps don't produce tar in the lungs when inhaled as well as don't contain many of the chemicals and sprays associated with tobacco/nicotine. It is not addictive but just like ANYTHING that is smoked it does produce carbon monoxide. 


Hemp Wraps aren't for everybody. If you got some boof go roll that up in a grape 99 cent Cigarillo. Sure our wraps are in the same price range so how can they be that much better you're asking ? Well the devil is always in the details and that fine line is the difference between good and Great. 

Like we've said before not all Hemp Wraps are created equal. Our Corporate office all smokes and everybody test the products to make them better wherever we can. Most of these other smoking companies CEOs don't even use their own products regularly or even at all. So if they wouldn't smoke their own products why should you? I would never put something out i personally don't love, these products come from passion. There was a time all we had to smoke was tobacco blunt wraps and weird harsh alternatives to achieve that slow burn cigar feel.  It was through necessity as a consumer at first that pushed us in this direction, not money or fame. 


When it comes down to what Hemp we use we are very particular. We've went through countless formulas to get where we are now with a Fresh and Organic product. All these companies you see coming from Dominican republic are all coming from only a handful of manufacturer's. We went a different way and started to manufacturer in Mexico so we could be closer to the facility and really pay attention to Quality Control . Our Flavors are Unique . Our style and relentlessness is unmatched. Follow Us on our Connoisseur journey to create Unique Affordable products that fulfill the average smokers needs. 

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