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                        What You Need to Know (And What We're Working to Find Out) About Products  Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-derived Compounds, Including CBD | FDA

At this point we're all very familiar with cannabis . We smoke it, we love it, what else is there to know right ? Tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ) is a term we've heard a lot. Its the psychoactive component of marijuana which is responsible for getting us high. This is just 1 of the hundreds of compounds which are found in marijuana. The 2nd most prevalent active cannabinoid in cannabis is actually one that doesn't get you high at all. It's a non psychoactive compound which has been known to have a multitude of medical uses such as chronic pain relief and help with epileptic seizures .  What we are talking about is Cannabidiol , also known as CBD. 


In 2018 President Donald Trump passed the Farm bill , officially taking hemp and CBD out of its grey area position . Now a days you see everything from CBD creams and oils to even CBD Coffee and patches. Now we have Hemp Blunt wraps. At Kong Wraps we don't infuse our wraps with CBD. Our company cultivates and sources the best hemp in the world to use for our wraps. The CBD in our wraps are naturally occurring, already in the hemp before being processed. These naturally occurring CBDs combined with with the THC of your legal herb creates an entourage effect to elevate your smoking experience. 

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Kong Wraps are developed for Connoisseurs by Connoisseurs. Smoke a Kong, Smoke like a King. 


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