Just like anything else made and consumed. Not all brands share the same passion and craft when it comes to their products. When smoking hemp wraps most don't think about what they are putting into their lungs but it something that is very important, especially to the daily smoker. Just because it is made from a non tobacco alternative doesn't mean it's necessarily "better" for you to inhale. One thing I can say is Kong Hemp wraps prides itself in being flavored with a combination of organic materials and terpenes. Kong hemp wraps are for the smoker who truly wants to savor every hit of their top shelf. Sometimes smoking a paper can burn too quick,  especially when you're rolling up more than 2 grams. When I first envisioned Hemp wraps I thought of a wrap which would be pure from the hemp plant and would deliver a slow burn like a tobacco natural leaf. Not all Hemp wraps are flavored using Organic flavors. There is some that you might buy and they smell like a mix of crayons and Playdoh. Its incredible how bad they are. Some brands may be alittle too thick. No body wants to taste the wrap. It should almost not be there, which is atleast what we're trying to accomplish when smoking a $70 eighth of some Zoap. Alot of our fans love our wraps , but i continue to say we can always do better. We are constantly looking to create better hemp wraps and earn our place as the #1 rated Hemp wrap in the world. Put us side by side with your favorite and you'll see the difference in the craft.
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