Taste Your Terps.

Taste Your Terps.

Everybody's who's smoked cannabis or is familiar to weed terminology has heard the term terpenes. What are they exactly? Terpenes are aromatic oils found in the glands of plants. They are not just found in marijuana but are also found in pine, lavender, limes, oranges etc. Its what gives many plants their aroma/taste. A variety of flavors from gasy to sweet. This is why there are many different strains with their own flavor profile. 


As the Cannabis Industry grows farmers will continue to push the limits of THC as much as they can but in the end Cannabis will be like Wine. A Connoisseurs Industry. There are some wines that are stronger than others but what makes great wines stand out from good ones is flavor. The aroma of a good strain as it hits the nostrils is a distinct experience. Reggie doesn't sting the nose like Exotic does. Nothing better than sweet gas. When smoking some of the best stuff in the world you don't want to mess with the flavor as much. It doesn't make sense to buy an eighth for $45 and put in a cheap tobacco wrap flavored with cheap chemicals. Messes with the aroma and taste of your flower. This is why Kong Wraps created a wrap to make the flavor of your herb stand out. A wrap with the slow burn of a blunt with a clear taste like a paper. The Terpenes we add to our flavor lines are meant to compliment your smoke. Not too much to throw off the taste but not too little. The Terpenes of your flower and our wraps then create an entourage affect which is different per strain.


Enjoy the tase of your smoke. Puff a Kong Wrap. 

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