What Are Hemp Wraps?

What Are Hemp Wraps?

What are Hemp Wraps? That is a question we get a lot. What exactly are Hemp Wraps? To understand what Hemp Wraps are we must first understand that before 2016 all blunt wraps were made by grinding down tobacco leafs, melting them down, and casting a sheet one could roll. We took this concept but instead used CBD Hemp Leaves. The inspiration was to create a wrap that came from the same plant being smoke by the majority in medicinal/legal states. A hybrid of a paper and a blunt. This would give the average smoker the experience of a smooth and tobacco free session. A smoke that could be enjoyed by connoisseurs and the average everyday joe. Hemp Wraps are the wave of the smoking industry. As more and more people become educated on not only the dangers of tobacco, but also the benefits of CBD and Hemp , the more people that will make the switch to a better alternative.

Other companies are already starting to copy what we do but the thing that will always separate them from us will be the true love, knowledge, and respect we have of the Hemp plant . Smoke Like A King™

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