What Are Hemp Wraps place in the smoking industry?

What Are Hemp Wraps place in the smoking industry?

Ever rolled up an Organic Hemp rolling paper with some gas only to take 4 hits of it because you're passing it amongst 3-4 people ? Ever rolled a tobacco wrap and got kind of sick of the way the cheap tobacco tasted or made you feel? Back in 2015 all of my friends smoked blunts. We enjoyed being able to roll up a tobacco natural leaf that would burn slow enough to get all us faded. After awhile though the tobacco was taking a toll on our body. The tolerance to tobacco made us want to smoke more to be able to feel the same high but we would just feel sluggish and not as satisfied. The smell of tobacco would make us, our cars, and homes stink more than the ganja did. We got sick of it . At around the same time we were discovering so many different strains of flower that tasted soo good we didn't feel like tainting it with a tobacco taste. We started rolling up papers and gravitated more towards organic hemp papers. I loved being able to really enjoy the flavor of my flower in a super smooth and clean smoke. Even examining the ash to really look into the care and quality of how it was grown. Being able to differentiate strains and tell you what strain or lineage it was just from a dry hit of the joint. Only problem was that it burned too fast, especially when smoking with other people. The more you roll up in a joint surprisingly the faster it burns. There needed to be a product which could deliver a slow burning, cigar like, tasteful & resinous burn. Which is why we created Kong Organic Hemp Wraps.


A product that could give the user a flavorful smoke session with a blunt derived from the cannabis plant . From the flower inside to the wrap its all green. An Organic cannabis experience delivering a pure , smooth, and flavorful puff everytime.


The Kong Wrap is still not yet perfected. KONG is constantly looking to manufacture better products.  Creating new experiences that highlight the single most important thing to all of this. The Healing and delicious herb we all enjoy.






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